Do you know the common sense of the classification and use of scissors ?

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Do you know the common sense of the classification and use of scissors ?

The use of scissors:

Although the scissors are not amazing, they are widely used. When tools, such as knives and shovels make no force, the shear can be easily solved. Scissors have become a tool for people's daily production and life. The tailor to cut the cloth to cut the line, female paper-cut, cut metal skin, herdsmen shearing, the gardener to cut branches, coppersmith to scissors......

medical scissors 

The name of the surgical instrument. It is used to cut off pterygium, blood tendons, skin, membrane and so on. It is made of iron and steel.

household scissors

Modern household scissors using V materials, tailoring the thickness can realize the existing ordinary scissors several times, because the combination of knife edge is good, and the cutting times of the scissors can be more than 5000 times. The scissors use the metal properties of vanadium in the processing technology, and vanadium is an important alloy additive in the iron and steel industry. Vanadium can improve the strength, toughness, ductility and heat resistance of the steel. The ordinary family use the scissors to avoid the bremsstrahlung of the grinding cutter.

The classification of scissors

Scissors can be divided into: gardening scissors, household scissors, iron shears, tailors scissors, haircuts and so on.

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