Family scissors commonly used methods of purchase and maintenance guide

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Family commonly used scissors to buy:

1, see the family commonly used scissors two feet circle is flat, arc symmetry.

2, see the family commonly used scissors cutting edge is straight, no gaps.

3, see the two families commonly used scissors tip is neat, close, dislocation.

4, to see the family commonly used steel scissors cutting edge is uniform, the outer mouth of steel clear, without clip ash, broken steel and soft mouth. In the trial, the edge of the mouth opening and closing light and comfortable, do not play licey.

Use and maintenance:

1, cut bone, cut the meat, respectively, with different families commonly used scissors. Do not cut with a kitchen knife, cut wood, metal and other hard objects.

2, cut the bone should be selected with the obtuse cutting edge of the chopper knife, chop bone to the heel of the blade contact with the bone, vertical knife. If the bite bite knife edge, it is not appropriate to shake the pull out of the blade. The correct way is to raise the bones together with the knife and then cut until the fracture. Otherwise, it will cause the blade to cut off the steel to form arc notch.

3, household scissors to be washed with each use, dry, cast cooked cooking oil, place the ventilation, dry place, away from the water and gas stove to prevent rust.

4, the traditional home anti-rust method is often used scissors household wash rice mushuai water for rust prevention.

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