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- Nov 17, 2017 -

Scissors, old-name hinge shears or reamer, Cantonese is called  scissors, Fujian language called Reamer, about the 1500 B.C. was invented by the ancient Egyptians, the use of simple mechanical lever principle, the earliest found in ancient Egyptian ruins, is a metal-trimmed object tool, two-edged staggered, you can open and close.

Related traceability

According to archaeological records, the ancient Egyptians had begun to use bronze scissors as early as 3rd century BC. In the walls of the Cong Onpo Shrine (Temple of Kom Ombo), scissors and some medical equipment are depicted, and scholars are widely believed to be the first to use surgical techniques by Egyptians.

Note: At present, some scholars believe that the U-shaped scissors have appeared in Europe in the 5th century BC. (The truth is debatable, but there are references to academic reports and papers.) )

But the scissors are not the crossover style used today, and this style of scissors by archaeologist Flinders Pitry (Flinders Petrie) is thought to have appeared in the ad 1th century. In the year 5th century, Esto (Isidore), a Spanish Seville, described the scissors as a major tool for tailors and barbers.

In addition, scissors inChina's history is also quite long. The scissors unearthed in the Western Han tombs of Luoyang are now more than 2,100 years old. And, in the year around 6th century, fromChinawill scissors intoJapan, in the Japanese Edo period began to make a large number of manufacturing.

This from the Tang Dynasty poet Stripling "Yong Liu" verses "do not know fine leaves who cut, February spring wind like scissors" can be know. The ancient folk paper-cut art, also from the side prove scissors inChina's long history. The pictographic meaning of the Chinese character "scissors" is "there is a knife before the knife". The Ancients will scissors also known as "Dragon Knife", can be seen in the importance of life.China's existing style of scissors in the first kind, is in the Northern Song Dynasty Xi Ning five years of tomb found in the middle of the sword and knife, played the axis of the eye, loaded with a shaft, the fulcrum placed in the knife and between. The scissors use the lever principle, which is convenient and easy to use.

The rust-stained Western Han bronze scissors, about 20 centimeters long, differ in shape from modern scissors. There is no axial eye, no shaft, just the two ends of a bar to temper into a knife-like, and sharpen a sharp blade, and then curved bar to "S" shape, so that the two sides of the blade corresponds. The scissors are naturally open when not in use, and when used, people can cut off what they want to cut by pressing the blade at each end. One let go, scissors rely on the elasticity of wrought iron and back to the original, as modern people use tweezers.

It is now certain that in any country or era without scissors, people will use other tools to trim hair or other items. such as knife cutting, fire and so on. In ancientChina, the gold and silver cut the "shear silver", in fact, the use of blade to cut.

Main use

Although the scissors are look, they are widely used. Knives, shovels and other tools to make the force, shear can be easily solved. Scissors have become an indispensable tool for people's daily production and life. Tailor to cut cloth cut line, village women to paper-cut, cut metal skin, herdsmen want to cut wool, gardener to prune, coppersmith to scissors ...


Name of the surgical instrument. For the pruning of pterygium, blood tendons, skin, membrane, etc., made of steel.


Modern household scissors using vanadium iron materials, cutting thickness can be achieved by the existing common scissors several times, because the edge of the combination of good, scissors cutting the number of tips can be more than 5,000 times. This kind of scissors uses the vanadium metal characteristic in the processing technology, the vanadium is the iron and steel industry important alloy additive. Vanadium can improve the strength, toughness, ductility and heat resistance of the steel, the general family use this kind of scissors can be exempted from the grinding scissors knife.

Modern scissors


Modern scissors from the shape, materials, technology, quality, variety, function, and ancient scissors have a great improvement. However, from the existing relics, the people in the Song Dynasty used scissors have been generally close to the modern appearance. Luoyang Tomb Museum There is a pair of scissors from the tomb unearthed in the five years (AD 1072) in the Northern Song Dynasty, which is similar to modern scissors. This shows thatChinais now the model of scissors, at least for more than 1000 years.

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