How does a hairdresser pick a good pair of scissors

- Nov 30, 2017 -

      For hairdressers, scissors are equivalent to the equipment of a soldier's hand. A good hairdressing scissors, can let you operate easily, cut fast, self-confident full.

      Seven-point material, two-point production, a point of appearance determines the ultimate quality of hairdressing scissors. Because the sharpness of hairdressing scissors, sharpness durability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, service life, etc. are determined by the material. This is like the difference between a platinum ring and a silver ring.

Choose Hairdressing Scissors to note:

1. Suit your own hand type

Because each finger has a different shape and weight. Usually the person with short fingers can choose the blade with a shorter handle than the static shank, which is smoother in opening and closing. Thin fingers, the diameter of the ring will have a great impact on the use of the sense of stability, so to carefully select, usually small hand-shaped, can choose a shorter shank type, so open and close, more stable and smoother.

2. The weight of hairdressing scissors

The same type of hairdressing scissors weight difference has more than 5-10 grams. To work 6 hours a day, the wrist more than 10 grams per minute weight, the annual weight of about 1.3 tons, 15 total single hand more weight 20 tons, equivalent to a sea container cargo weight, the damage to the wrist is conceivable.

3. Feel and Grip

Because the high-grade scissors are made by hand, different people use, that will have different feel. In order to ensure that they use a good feeling, first of all must feel your grip (try several different types of handle) to find their own most comfortable feeling, and then see whether the opening and closing of the scissors is easy and smooth.

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