How to buy a tailor's scissors for clothes

- Dec 01, 2017 -

      Clothes can only be used to tailor scissors, not with household scissors do. Make the process of clothing pleasant, buy a suitable for the tailor scissors is very necessary. Where to buy a pair of tailor scissors?


1, the tailor scissors must be sharp, the normal brand is guaranteed. Miscellaneous brand tailor scissors shape seems good, but not 35 times to blunt, no longer cut the cloth, and then cheap is also a waste of money

2, the tailor scissors have the model difference, 9 inch smallest, 12 inch most. Women or hands are relatively small, buy 10 inches or 11 inches better. 9 inches A bit small, cutting thick material or multi-layer may not feel very good, best not to buy. Men usually buy 11 or 12 inches.


3, because of the two sides of the pair of  tailor scissors, is divided around, the market on the most of the tailor scissors are right-handed, individual businesses also supply left-handed tailor scissors. The left hand is more flexible, and it's better to buy left-handed tailor scissors.

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