how to choose kitchen shears

- Jan 05, 2018 -

How to choose good ktichen shears ? That's a questions. 

whether you do not enter into the kitchen, your kitchen will be a good use of one pair of kitchen scissors, even if you don't, let the wife, mom work easier, through a few days study on more than a dozen kitchen scissors, and cut all kinds of material such as paper, cardboard, cloth, plastic products, all kinds of thread, all kinds of tape, wire and cable, small bones, meat and so on, found the scissors blade thickness has a great effect on the performance, you need to consider the following 5 points on the line:

1. antirust: in order to achieve this purpose, a nickel or chromium blade is required, and of course titanium is also applied.

2. torque: kitchen scissors are not like ordinary household scissors. Their fulcrum should be far away from the handle and near the blade, which can provide greater grip strength to apply, so that small hard objects such as chicken bones can be cut easily.

3. easy to clean: the best can be dismantled to clean, otherwise, meat and other residual particles can carry bacteria.

4. size: 18CM to 25CM is the most comfortable for adults to use, large enough to use comfort, not to be confused by a soft handle.

5. scissors: the kitchen is best used with fine jagged teeth to strengthen the bite force of the wet skid, or it is easy to slip.


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