How to clean the office scissors glue stains

- Dec 04, 2017 -

      For many girls, online shopping delivery is a very happy reception, and dismantling the delivery is a headache. Recently online news also reported that a girl teeth to bite the courier tape, the results the next day the lips swollen into sausages; serious even lead to ulceration. Experts also said that the courier is very dirty, dirty trash, when demolishing do not use or hand hard to tear, it is best to use office scissors and other tools to demolition. But in the office scissors will always leave some glue stains, not easy to remove.

      That should also be how to clean the office scissors glue stain it? We all know the usefulness of toothpaste is still quite a lot, all kinds of unexpected uses have. Toothpaste to clean the scissors with plastic stains is very effective, first, with a cotton swab dipped in soy-size toothpaste, evenly coated in plastic scotch office scissors; then, with a wet scouring pad covered with toothpaste Scissors for cleaning. Suddenly, the office scissors with plastic stains recovered as new, especially clean. Because there is glycerin in the toothpaste, it can dissolve the macromolecular compound in the glue stain to remove the glue stain.


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