How to guide children safe use of student scissors

- Nov 24, 2017 -

    Parents are aware that student scissors are indispensable in handcrafting, but parents think that it is very dangerous for children to use student scissors, so try not to let them use student scissors or have their own children instead of using student scissors. In fact, Not desirable. Just choose a safe student scissors and teach your children the correct posture and principles for using student scissors, and kids can use it well and not dangerous at all. Through the use of student scissors, children can gain further exposure to a richer and more enjoyable world of art and craft, giving him more opportunities for imagination and creativity.

1. The choice of student scissors

    With the size and strength of the child's palm, choose the size, light weight appropriate student scissors. Student scissors should be easy to open and close, the blade should not be too blunt or too good. The tip of student scissors must be round and blunt, like "safety scissors" that is suitable for children.

2. Use student scissors rules

    Below we list five rules when using student scissors. Whenever a child uses student scissors, parents should remind him to keep him in mind and develop a habit. If a child violates the rules, he may be temporarily banned from using student scissors to show his punishment.

(1) Do not throw or waving student scissors arbitrarily.

(2) Do not walk or run with student scissors.

(3) Do not use adult scissors.

(4) to take students scissors to others, the handle should be towards each other.

(5) after use, students should scissors placed in a fixed place, and cut the confetti clean up.

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