How to guide children to use student scissors correctly

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Improper use of student scissors can be dangerous and teach children how to use scissors safely. Suggest one-on-one to guide children learn to use scissors. The use of scissors is actually a very basic life skills, the flexibility of finger children, the intensity of control, hand and brain can play a very good training.

Step 1. Scratchy cut

Start a little powerless: scissors to take instability, the force does not make sense, not from the perspective of scissors to cut ... ... to guide the baby to learn the correct use of scissors posture, practice hand-eye coordination, give her a lot of paper at home scissor, mainly to enable her to be proficient Use scissors to listen to and enjoy the sound of paper-cut, she is very enjoyable cut ah, you can cut a few hours without distraction.

Step 2. Cut the line

When the little hand is not flexible enough, the fingers are small when the scissors are used, and the small hole that the scissors open opens her to cut straight lines and cut something similar to wool, cut it out and turn it into a kitten beard with us, Little girl's hair and so on; you can also cut a little longer note, cut can become Kendrick's fries ...

Step 3. Cut the square, rectangular

Learn to cut a straight line, the little guy has some basic skills, you can try to cut some square, rectangular things: such as household appliances ah and so the rules of the shape of the items. This time the student scissors will have to "go left, go right," the little wrist has been a little flexible!

Step 4. Cut the arc

Then you can practice cutting arcs, such as: the sun, the moon, fish, etc., so that the baby's scissors like a fish, swimming freely and happily.

Step 5. cut at your own pace

At this time, the little guy has been able to control the scissors freely, how to cut how to cut: while the boat, while elephants, while ... is ever-changing.


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