How to Multifunctional kitchen scissors

- Dec 13, 2017 -

I believe many people have seen "Edward Scissorhands" this classic movie,

Impressive on the male pig's scotch scissors hand.

Now, the scissors hand has a new purpose,

Cut noodles, cut kelp, cut green onion ...

Set in five scissors, it is so magical and confident!

Take a closer look at this multi-purpose kitchen scissors, which is more than 20 cm long. The blades are made of stainless steel with medical grade steel. They are sharp and corrosion-resistant. The key strands are fastened with three screws to ensure that the five blades work seamlessly , Not loose.

The handle section is covered with soft hand guard, ergonomic design, so that the female ticket is also handy to use. Because there are 5 layers of blades, it is used to cut the long strip of vegetables, fruits and vegetables extraordinarily convenient, cut onion efficiency directly 5 times the wood there!

Of course, if you have a wealth of DIY ideas, this multi-purpose kitchen scissors can also be used to cut noodles, thin slices of meat, seaweed, kelp and so on. Especially for the baby to make children's fruit meal to play supernatural power to help children digest food.

Designers also for this magic multi-functional kitchen scissors coupled with the scabbard can be adsorbed on the refrigerator, run out can be directly into the wash, simple and elegant place does not occupy, simply can not be like!


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