How to pick the kitchen scissors for you

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Kitchen scissors to seize these five points

In the selection of kitchen scissors, pay attention to these five aspects - the blade length, sharpness, material, handle size, screw hardness.

The length of the blade

Long knife  is more convenient to use than. Cut ingredients, the blade is easy to get stuck, the most appropriate choice of 6cm blade.


Saw the smaller the more sharp sharpness. It can hold fish, meat and other oil-rich foods, and not easy to slip. This kitchen scissor is a bit expensive, but stays sharp for a long time.

The blade has a fine sawtooth

Different domestic and imported sharp degrees, the edge of the domestic kitchen cut most of the profit and thin, more smooth to use, feel good; imported kitchen scissors blades are mostly obtuse angle, when cutting the ingredients will need to spend more effort.

If you like light knife, then choose domestic. If the kitchen cut to think a little longer, then imported obtuse angle will be more appropriate.


High-carbon steel forging material is the best, although the price is high, but can be used for more than 10 years. Stainless steel prices are low, the material is not high carbon steel forging hard. Ceramic cutters stay sharp for long, but harder to cut and harden.

Handle size

Put your finger in the handle is the size of the surplus is just right. If the handle is too small, it will not be hard, but will make your fingers hurt.

The hardness of the screw

The screw is the middle part of the handle and blade. Before buying, you can hold the scissors to try. If you want to cook shrimp, crab and other ingredients every day professional chef, scissors screw loose a little better. If it is for home use, it is recommended to buy a little tight, it will be durable

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