How to use kitchen scissors

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Multifunctional kitchen scissors do what:

1, scraping fish scales

2, cooking fruits and vegetables

3, can be split into two parts of scissors, can be used as a fruit knife

4, open the hard shell nuts

5, cut the wire skin

6, screwdriver tip (prized open cans, etc.)

7, twist the can lid

8, cut chicken


Multi-purpose scissors magical

1, handling meat

Using scissors instead of chop chicken will reduce the time it takes to clean the chopping block and will not spatter the gravy.

2, processing onions, leeks, peppers and other long strips of vegetables

Scissors cut green onion, leeks, peppers until the soup or cooked dishes, do not have to wash the chopping block and chopper.

3, dealing with foam ingredients

Dry mushrooms or dry powder can be a long time frying ingredients cut into small pieces, will shorten the hair foam time, but also direct cooking.

4, handling seafood ingredients, clean and tidy and wholesome

If shrimp and crabs with shell handling, easy to scratch the hand, such as shrimp feet or shrimp and other details, with scissors handle neat and tidy, but also more hygienic.

5, ready to kitchen scissors, can cut any packaging

Cut with a kitchen scissors cut the packaging clean and smooth, especially powder packaging, if the hands open the package may be because the strength is too large and let the powder splash around, the use of scissors is a convenient and clean approach.

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