How to use kitchen scissors instead of chopping vegetables carving

- Dec 05, 2017 -

     Who said cut green peppers cut peppers, must use a kitchen knife to cut pretty? Being good at using kitchen scissors in the kitchen can sometimes make cooking easier, fun and efficient.

     Here's a demonstration of cutting basil, chives, peppers, mushrooms and cabbage with scissors. Not only can you cut out the usual shapes, you can even make beautiful shapes, such as cutting a decorative flower with chives and peppers. We can according to their own habits, imagination, continue to use scissors in the kitchen to display your ability to cut vegetables.


     First, cut the leaves, such as Basil.

     A few pieces of basil leaves stacked in all, and then rolled into a cigarette-shaped, you can use scissors to cut it into thin filaments.


     Second, green onion and flowers onions

     Scratch some green onions, then you can use scissors to cut into thin green onions from one end, this can be directly above the food cut, even the cutting board are omitted.

If you want to use kitchen scissors to cut out the same green onion, just cut a piece of onions and scallions and cut them into three or four pieces in the longitudinal direction. Do not cut them completely, leave a little bit at the bottom, and you will turn into a flower. Soak the flower in ice water, the onion will roll up an elegant arc immediately, and wait until the need for a decorative plate when used again, in order to maintain a bright green.


     Third, pepper and pepper flowers

     Pepper cut into thin slices, we see the picture to understand. In addition, cut the peppers into beautiful red flowers with kitchen scissors. From the tip of the pepper, cut off a little bit and cut the pepper into strips along the length of the pepper and cut it close to the chili peppers. Then the little safflower soaked in ice water for 10-20 minutes, it will bend the petals.


     Fourth, the other variety of dishes: mushrooms, cabbage, green peppers and so on

     Whether it is to be filiform, flaky or small Ding small pieces, for kitchen scissors, can do it. This is a boon to some students who will not use a kitchen knife. As long as a lot of practice, to deal with greedy few insects, a kitchen knife is enough to make your kitchen a higher level.

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