Multi-functional chicken bone making method

- Nov 21, 2017 -

   At present, the chicken bones on the market can be divided into two types, one is a washable multifunctional chicken bone scissors, and the other is a stretch chicken bone scissors. The first type of scissors is easy to disperse on both sides of the scissors when in use, and it is not easy to control the repetitive operation because the operator often sticks with water, oil and other substances in the hands during use. Although the second spring, but the spring does not properly control the scissors in use there is a reasonable degree of opening, and less functional, not easy to take apart and wash, the switch function is also limited to the use of the scissors off.

   The utility model is characterized in that the main blade is provided with a switch stop surface, a square hole and rivets A hole, a spring relief groove, a steel ball socket and a limiting nail hole, wherein the T-shaped screw main shaft is fixed with a dish nut through the square hole of the main blade, the switch is fixed on the main blade by rivets, The three steel beads of the blade are used for positioning the steel balls of the switch and respectively control the closing, opening and disassembling of the auxiliary blades, wherein the auxiliary blades are provided with a relief hole, a spring relief groove and a shaft locking hole, and are positioned Rivets and ring springs. Has the advantages of simple structure, washable, clean, easy to use and so on, to achieve shear, planing, broken bone and other multi-functional chicken bone scissors.


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