The benefits of using scissors for young children

- Nov 27, 2017 -

     Many parents do not let the baby with scissors, the reason is simple: too scissors with danger, poke in the eyes, hands incredible, do not let the baby to touch. In fact, the correct use of scissors can not only promote the baby's hand muscles and flexible development, better training hand-eye coordination, but also to recognize the shape, increase the sense of position, for hobbies, self-confidence and other training have a certain help. In addition, once the child fell in love with scissors, but also help exercise his concentration and patience. Children's Intelligence At their fingertips, many scientists have confirmed that there are countless connections between the hands and the brain. The more complex, more sophisticated and more skilled the fingers, the more they can promote the development of the brain. It can be said that training the hand is to train the brain, the more skilled the child's hand movements, the more flexible, the smarter he is, the stronger the creativity.

       The use of scissors is an excellent way to train your hands. It requires dexterous, delicate hand movements. It is not complicated to learn. The key is that we dare to give the scissors to our children. Do not be afraid of children scaring themselves or others. Many parents think it is not very important for young children to use scissors. They think that waiting for them to be taught in kindergarten when they are older is one of the more important reasons why parents think children use scissors is a very dangerous thing to do Free exemption.嘉宏.png11.png

       Of course, it is dangerous to use scissors improperly, but there are advantages and disadvantages to everything. Our parents should turn their benefits into profits. While teaching their children to use scissors, they should learn how to use it safely. Parents at home one-on-one to guide children learn to use scissors, the effect is better than the collective teaching of kindergarten. The use of scissors is actually a very basic life skills, more use of scissors to cut things on the finger flexibility of young children, the intensity of control, hand brain and so can play a good training role.

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