​The role of the fulcrum protruding below the handle of the scissors

- Nov 22, 2017 -

There are foreign objects between the scissors handles after two points. 

Like a straight scissors surgical scissors design, grip the foreign objects once the handle, the 

scissors will not be completely closed the front. At the same time can increase the distance 

between the two handles, easier to hold and force, reference pliers and wire cut design.As for the

 surgical scissors straight design, due to the requirements of precision and accuracy of work is 

small, so the handle and the shear blade straight to determine the size of the mouth easier for the 

user to open the angle of the handle and the blade opening angle corresponding to the absence of 

superposition In addition, to prevent pinch I am afraid need more space right, like pliers wire cut 

this product should only need to prevent the design of the folder. Prevent deformation is not 

allowed to close the front end of this inference is also relatively outrageous, this ordinary plastic 

relative to the scissors itself should be much larger deformation of steel, including wear 

resistance, it is better to use scissors to do the direct support point I just from the design Point of 

view, there is no objective data support


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