the use of kitchen scissors

- Jan 15, 2018 -

The use of kitchen scissors :

  1. Scissors to deal with meat

Cutting the chicken with scissors can reduce the time of cleaning the chopping board, and it will not spatter all over the gravy.

2. Use scissors to deal with scallion, leek and chili.

Cut the scallions, leeks, and chili with scissors to the soup or cooked dishes without washing the chopping board and the kitchen knife.

3, treatment of foamed materials

It can cut the long foamed material such as dry letinous edodes or dried vermicelli into small segments, which can shorten the time of the bubble hair and can also be cooked directly.

4, use kitchen scissors processing seafood ingredients, clean and sanitary

If the shell of shrimp and crab with a kitchen knife, easy to scratch the hand, like shrimp feet or shrimps and other details, with scissors processing fast and nimble, more health.

5, ready to prepare the kitchen scissors, can cut off any package

Kitchen Scissors are used to cut and open the packing, clean and smooth, especially for powder packing. If you open the package with your hands, you may make the powder splash everywhere because of too much force. Using scissors is a convenient and clean way.


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