Usage of clothing scissors

- Dec 25, 2017 -

       Clothing scissors, Shuohong in constant innovation and design, but also master the production line first-class operation of the process, however, clothing scissors is not the same as other household scissors, the correct use is more important.

       Scissors should be properly maintained and clever use, in order to maintain a long time its sharp. After laying the fabric on the cutting table, the left hand gently press the fabric, the right hand to hold the handle correctly, the front of the next piece of film sticks to the cutting table, the handle slightly lift, cut the straight line to use the middle part of the blade, Outside tilt. Cutting corners or turning parts to use the tip, remember not to lift the scissors in the cutting process, or two or more layers of cut pieces of the cut will be misplaced, resulting in pieces of cutting error in the cutting process. In addition, do not hold the scissors in the hands of air-shears or about dumping, so as not to directly blade edge or bite blade.

       Scissors selection method. To make two or more layers of fabric cut accurate, should choose a dedicated scissors, the most commonly used is the length of 24-28 cm, which is marked with No. 10, No. 11, No. 12 scissors. Identify the key to the quality of scissors is based on the cutting edge of the blade site, first look at the two blades to be sharp, the blade was linear, the blade slightly curved under the curve, two blade edge to level. Followed by two scissors to see whether the same width and thickness, then the handle grip in the hands of feeling good, not grinding, not awkward, with the above conditions is the ideal scissors.

       Another small scissors, also known as yarn scissors, is also essential, mainly for hand sewing or sewn small parts of the thread trimmer or thread, in some parts of the need to cut when the mouth is also very convenient. To choose the right blade bite, good elasticity small scissors.

       Therefore, a fine clothes scissors with a good yarn scissors is the perfect combination.

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