Use of civilian scissors and maintenance

- Dec 15, 2017 -

The use of civilian scissors should pay attention to the items shearing consistent with the bearing capacity of civilian scissors that cut thick cloth to use slightly larger civilian scissors; thin layer of silky objects with a special sharp civilian scissors, or easy Damage, but also need to be careful not to use pry parts of civilian scissors to pry hard things, the general civil scissors is not suitable for cutting metal hardware.

Civil scissors in use, such as the feel of Kai is too tight, there is a simple way, that hand holding civilian scissors, pin at the nail to the hammer on the knock, the more knocking more loose, until it is appropriate. On the contrary, in case of civil scissors in use feel edge is too loose, the civil scissors tip pin placed on the iron pier, the other hand with a hammer tap civilian scissors tip pin, beating need moderate force, not too heavy, Rotate on both sides, while knocking edge test until smoothly so far.

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