Why do you need a kitchen cut?

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Senior cooks are inseparable from a pair of scissors, a dedicated kitchen scissors.

Or silver glitter, or rust stains, but the kitchen life there is always a handy scissors, accompanied by the kitchen cook, through the summer and winter summer cold.

Why is it so important that a pair of scissors appear in the kitchen?

It is no better than the grandmother's collection of sandalwood jewelry box, but a detachable kitchen scissors and the deep friendship between the cook. Hold this little utensil, just like a good helper to listen to a good home, a meal of cooking needs the help of this helper.

To chopped green onion, minced garlic, chicken, pork, can cut out, fast hand, neat. Rough scallops when washing vegetables, cut easily, it is easy to cut it with a knife.


The face of sleek fish and shrimp, placed on the cutting board is difficult to fix, even if the hand-knife, tangent can not help but skewed. If the scissors battle, fresh fish breech, cut shrimp line, incision neat and beautiful, but also omit the wash board chopsticks.

However, the old-fashioned scissor blade is sharp and sharp. When the handle is small and delicate, it is not only laborious to cut off a bit of hard and dry food, but it also imparts a deep impression on the palm of your hand.

Cutting edge too thin scissors, can not stand the toss of all kinds of ingredients, soon after use becomes obtuse, the middle of the shear axis is also easy to loose.

Only removable kitchen scissors solid enough to cope with all kinds of different ingredients, only the durability to the effectiveness of the kitchen to solve troubles.

A multi-functional kitchen scissors, absolutely stand the test of all kinds of ingredients. Cut the fishbone, chicken feet are alone, and even cook with this scissors made an authentic Chinese white cut chicken.嘉宏1.jpg


As a professional kitchen scissors, it's so many eggs to make you love the kitchen excited all day.

To give a chestnut, blade serrated outside, in fact, a hidden scale scrape.

There is a knife on the side of the knife cut a small gap, the meat will no longer run around, should be cleverly cut open, the intensity of the position can be accurate grasp.

Two rows of sawtooth inside the handle, to use up, open walnut, folder crab, screw cap, also became a matter of minutes.

The middle of the shear axis removable, cleaning is extremely convenient, difficult to hide dirt. Blunt blade design, to a great extent reduce the chance of accidental stabbing yourself.

In addition, this material as a high-quality food grade steel, safety and functionality are very high.

Coupled with ergonomic curve design, smooth lines, full practicality and full of beauty. Operate the handle more effort and comfort, give you a solid grip, picked up do not want to put down. A detachable kitchen scissors that you deserve.

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