2018 Beijing Gift Show 37th China International Gifts, Premiums, Household Products Exhibition

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Exhibition venues

Beijing International Exhibition Center (Old Hall)

Exhibition time

March 31, 2018


Beijing Reed Exhibitions Group Co., Ltd., Reed Huabo Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Exhibition location

Hall 1, Hall 8

Exhibition scale

30,000 square meters

Booth number

1500 booths




50,000 people

First, Beijing Gift Fair: the first exhibition in northern China

Is the prestigious brand exhibition in China's gift industry and enjoys a very high reputation in the industry. It is known as the "First Gift Fair in Northern China." Relying on the resources and resources accumulated by Reed Huatun Group, which have been accumulated in the Chinese gift market for more than ten years, the show has locked up the northern gift market and brought together thousands of excellent gift suppliers. During the spring and autumn seasons, Perfect display, and then focus on serving the gift industry distributors, agents, wholesalers and advertising, gift companies, to provide a full range of gift solutions and professional trade cooperation platform to achieve the efficient interaction between supply and demand.

Second, Beijing Gift Show: Mass buyers resources

Reed Exhibitions, the organizer, has over 300,000 database of professional buyers, providing a great opportunity to publicize your company's brand and products.

Third, Beijing Gift Fair: exhibitors product categories

● ceramics, tableware, crystal and glassware

● stationery and stationery, collectibles

● household products, home textiles, kitchen supplies, home decorations

● Gifts, handicrafts, promotional advertising gifts

● Electronics and appliances, toys

● jewelry and fashion jewelry, watches and clocks

● packaging and paper products

● Authors and lighters, beauty care products

● sports and leisure travel goods, luggage leather goods

● Others (media, trade services, associations, etc.)

Fourth, Beijing Gift Fair: the nature of the audience classification

1, gift company, PR planning companies, advertising companies (mainly to the northeast and north China)

2, agents, distributors, wholesalers, retailers (mainly to the northeast and north China

3, manufacturers (nationwide)

4, high-end designer

5, the major star hotel buyers, villas and other high-end property and real estate business

6, Beijing's major private clubs, senior clubs, personalized restaurants, personalized stores

7, Visitors to some of the show's end buyers: Bank of China, Shanghai Volkswagen, Canon, China Mobile, Coca-Cola, China Construction Bank, IBM, McDonald's, BMW, LG, COFCO, Kodak, Honda, Panasonic, Hewlett-Packard, , Mitsubishi and so on

Fifth, Beijing Gift Fair: the audience area classification

1, North China (including Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shandong)

2, the northeast (including Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang)

3, some parts of East China

Sixth, Beijing Gift Fair: Museum exhibits the classification

Hall 1: boutique, brand image Museum

Hall 2: the first exhibition and delegation hall

Hall III: Housewares, gifts and gifts Museum: Cup pots, kitchen supplies, advertising promotions

Hall No. 4: Ceramic Museum, ceramic products, crystal glass, tea culture display area

Hall No.5: Chinese Gift Shop

Hall 6: Collection of souvenirs Museum: Memorial collection, packaging products, stationery

Hall No.7: Home Furnishings Museum: Home Textiles, Advertising T-Shirts, Housewares, Toys, Leather Goods, etc.

Hall 8: Electronic Pavilion: International Pavilion, Branded Appliances, Electronics, Watches and Clocks, Car Products, First Aid Products

Seven, Beijing Gift Fair: Enterprise new product promotion

The perfect location, the best new products, chic advertisements, soft light composed of beautiful new product promotion area, the first time to visitors with a strong visual impact and enjoyment, exhibitors and visitors with the moving bright spot one.

Eight, Beijing Gift Fair: corporate brand image display

Pay more attention to corporate brand value, enhance the brand gold content, the best place for the best time to improve corporate brand awareness and influence. Theme forum activities and exhibition site complement each other, in order to provide professional buyers from the channel to the terminal of the personalized purchasing and trading platform, based on the industry's most focused topic over the year the exchange forum, from the macro and micro trends and trends Innovations and changes in product and distribution will find answers here.

Nine, Beijing Gift Fair: large, professional procurement buyers to discuss

With the needs of exhibitors and buyers as the center, we organize more specialized purchasing buyers with strong purchasing power to meet with the participating enterprises for business negotiation, docking and interaction and achieve a win-win situation!

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