The Order Of Pizza Scissors Spatula

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Today my old customer  place a order of pizza scissors sptula ,  and the quantities is 20 K . 

Thanks for my old customers .  

This is a perfect solution for pizza lovers. It is shaped like a scissor and pizza. So this is a wonderful combination! You can cut pizza easier than ever before, and the pizza might be more delicious just because of this kind of convenience. 

· Pizza scissors spatula can shear pizza, pancake, bread, pastry,  focaccia , quiche.... . 

· Made of safe and healthy stainless steel, safe to touch food directly, the shovel can be removed and easy to be assembled.

· it is not only a scissors, it's equipped with a small "shovel", so you can cut the pizza and take out the pizza equally at the same time . 



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