The Usage And Function Of Direct Shear

- Sep 08, 2017 -

The use of direct shear, from different functions to divide, there are flat shear, cutting, scratching, shearing, cutting four kinds.

The effect of ① flat shear is to cut off long hair, determine the length of the style of hair, for the next procedure. In the rough cut it should use the comb and the scissors to combine the operation, from the front to the left, back, to the right in turn to cut. Comb the hair with a comb, lift the comb up to the desired length, and cut off the hair of the minister on the comb until the overall outline of the desired hairstyle is cut out.

② cutting shears and also known as sliding shears. Rough cut after the formation of the contour, but also need to be cut, wrong development stubble, to reach a level of uniformity. Cutting just removes excess hair from thicker parts.

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